Three years ago today...

Mum and I, Chrsitmas 2007

Three years ago today I heard that my mum had died.

I was in bed and got a phone call from my sister at about 5.30 or 6am.

I was not surprised, but I was upset, and felt very sad that no-one had been there with her.

My mum had had a stem cell transplant to try and beat the non-Hodgekins Lymphoma she had been fighting for the past 5-6 years, and it had not worked and her body was attacking its self. It was a horrible time and I was so glad that she was no longer in pain.

The day was full of feelings of relief and numbness.

We drove to Nottingham to see her in the chapel of rest at the hospital that afternoon, stayed the night at Paul's house (my mum's partner) then headed back to Cardiff becasue I was due to have Ada any day.

I had Ada a week later, the day before my mum's funeral. So I never went.

We had a weekend away with friends and family in the spring of 2010 to scatter my mum's ashes on Harlech Beach in North Wales. It was somewhere we'd all been together camping over the years and was lovely.

Miss you mum x

On Harlech Beach, May 2010

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Lisa said...

Lots of love to you Laura, you're a daughter and mum to be proud of! xx